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Carolina King

Carolina King is the founder of Arts for Smiles.  She is a legal assistant and served a 3 year term as President of the Wellington Art Society.   

Carolina is also a mosaic artist.  Raised by a single mother, a stained glass artist in Costa Rica, Carolina was always surrounded by the arts and has experienced first hand the impact art can have on our ability to heal and find joy through any situation.  She is passionate about sharing the joy of art with children. 

Erica Kyle

Erica Kyle is an Operations Manager as well as an acrylic artist.  

Raising two kids as a single mother for many years was a humbling and life changing experience for Erica.  Pairing up with Arts for Smiles has given her the opportunity to combine her passion for the arts with her mission to help families facing similar struggles.  

Charles Moses

Charles Moses is a retired IT professional and grandfather to 16 grandkids. He loves oil painting, particularly landscapes and seascapes. Charles was born and raised in Palm Beach County and attended the public school system.

With a blended family of seven kids, Charles is aware of the struggles that kids have when they do not have the proper tools to compete. Charles has always been interested in helping kids that need help outside of the classroom. He has coached little league basketball and encouraged kids in all fields of life. He has also encouraged several of his grand kids to get involved in all forms of the arts.

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